Hyperbaric Safety Director (HSD), Full-Time

Healogics is hiring for a Hyperbaric Safety Director (HSD) Sullivan, MO 63080
The Hyperbaric Safety Director(HSD), under the direction of the Center Manager (Program Director and/or Clinical Nurse Manager) of the Hyperbaric Medicine Department, administers hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients as prescribed by the Hyperbaric Physician. In addition to being a chamber operator, the HSD is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance on the hyperbaric chamber(s) and related support systems. The HSD will also be the point person for assessment of materials that are appropriate for use in and around hyperbaric chambers.
Hyperbaric Safety Director Responsibilities:
Responsible for the safe and effective operation of the hyperbaric chamber(s) and related support systems.
Keeps complete and accurate patient records as they pertain to treatment documentation.
Performs duties and procedures as directed by Program Director, Clinical Nurse Manager, and/or Medical Director.
Lift patient or transfer per local policy.
Need to be able to hear patients and staff. Also, listen to equipment for malfunctions.
Works closely with Program Director and Healogics to coordinate and approve all hyperbaric chamber upgrades, modifications, and repairs to the hyperbaric system, including interactions with hospital maintenance personnel and outside contractors, to ensure that all maintenance activities are done in accordance with appropriate safety standards. Ensures that the testing of all modifications is performed before manned pressurization.
Hyperbaric Safety Director Requirements:
Current certification as CHT or CHS (interim status may be appointed until CHT or CHS certification is attained).
Attend an approved HBO Safety course pre or post hire, if pre-hire the course completion must be within the past 5 years from date of hire.
Must have completed an Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology, Department of Defense, or American College of Hyperbaric Medicine approved hyperbaric medicine introductory course pre or post hire; if pre hire the course completion must be within the past 5 years from date of hire.
Maintains and demonstrates competency in BLS (Basic Life Support Certification), infections control, safety and all unit required skill review.
Complete competencies skill checklist. Initial and Annually (post hire).
Hyperbaric Safety Director Education/Experience:
High school diploma or general education degree (GED)
Wound Care Center chamber operators must be a healthcare professional actively certified or licensed in one of the following vocations to meet the minimum education and experience requirements. State or Local Rules may apply.
Respiratory Therapist
Military: Corpsman or Medical Services Specialist
Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic
Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, or Licensed Vocational Nurse
Certified Hyperbaric Specialist
Certified Hyperbaric Registered Nurse
Certified or Registered Medical Assistant: Must become certified as a Certified Hyperbaric Specialist (CHS) by the American Board of Wound Healing (ABWH) within one (1) year of hire.
Certified Hyperbaric Technologist
Certified Nursing Assistant: Must become certified as a Certified Hyperbaric Specialist (CHS) by the American Board of Wound Healing (ABWH) within one (1) year of hire.
Certified Hyperbaric Wound Specialist
Physical Therapist or Physical Therapy Assistant
Other allied healthcare professions as approved by the NBDHMT for certification eligibility
Individuals who have successfully completed U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) hyperbaric training.
The Hyperbaric Safety Director (HSD) provides a high quality and safe standard for patient care. Communicate with physicians and staff. This position is ultimately responsible for courteous, efficient customer care and safe operations of the Hyperbaric Chambers and supporting equipment.
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To be considered for the Hyperbaric Safety Director (HSD), or for further questions, contact Broc at broc.wiley@healogics.com

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